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NEW! The perfect tool for grey coverage – Optima Total for professional use

NEW! The perfect tool for grey coverage – Optima Total for professional use

The Four Reasons Optima color product range has been developed based on hair stylists’ wishes, and it provides a wide selection of tones for professional use. This diverse color line is now complemented by the Optima Total range that is based on neutral color pigments and intense coverage. Optima Total, designed for roots touch-ups, is a color product with guaranteed 100% grey coverage. Coloring with the Optima Total range is exceptionally quick: the 10-minute processing time cuts the time needed for coloring and provides the hair stylist with an opportunity to offer additional services with good profit.

A big help for everyday salon work – Where did the idea come from?

Harri Paananen, who oversees the Four Reasons product development, got an idea for the Optima Total Color range from hairdressers themselves. Covering the grey is one of the topics that raises most questions in the Four Reasons Hotline phone service as well as in the Four Reasons PRO Facebook group. “We got an idea to develop a color product range that has a compact color selection, clear effectiveness and fast processing time. These elements combined would provide the hairdresser with a useful tool for everyday work”, Harri tells.

Optima Total – What is it all about?

4 questions answered:

1. How is it possible that Optima Total covers grey hair in only ten minutes?

The color pigments used in hair colors are often made with ingredients that prevent oxidation, giving more time for the application process. All components within a pigment composition however don’t oxidize at the same time – some pigment groups develop faster than others. Optima Total colors have been made with pigments that develop first. At the same time, we have decreased components that prevent oxidation. This is how we have succeeded in reducing the processing time to as little as 10 minutes. Without compromising the result – of course!

2. What if I apply the color slowly?

If there is more grey in some parts (such as the temples) other than the rest of the hair, you are better off starting from those areas. After that, proceed with a familiar technique. If the application takes more than 10 minutes, you can reduce the processing time with a few minutes.

3. What other ways can I benefit from using Optima Total in my salon?

Optima Total gives you many new opportunities: You can offer the Optima Total service for example for men that have come in for a haircut, offer faster and more inexpensive “quick fix” for your color clients for their root growth and the best part – you save time when using Optima Total!

4. What is the difference between the results from Optima Total and for example Optima Cover or Luxima?

Thanks to Optima Total colors you have an even broader tool pack for hair coloring and grey coverage. The chart below helps you understand which product you should choose in different situations.

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